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Headshot wardrobe

Setting the Stage for a Captivating Headshot Session Your headshot is often the first impression you make in the professional world, whether on social media, your business website, or even on LinkedIn. To ensure you make a lasting impact, it’s crucial to carefully consider what to wear for your headshot photo session. 1. Dressing the […]


Dec 27

What to Wear to Your Headshot Session | Headshot Photographers

Headshot wardrobe

Men’s headshot photo sessions are the key to unlocking success! In a world dominated by visual content and digital impressions, the importance of a compelling headshot cannot be overstated. For men navigating professional and personal landscapes, investing in a meticulously crafted headshot is more than just a trend—it’s a strategic move that can elevate one’s […]


Dec 27

Unlocking Success: The Significance of Men’s Headshot Photo Sessions

Mens headshot photos
headshot photos

Headshots Sacramento CA, a guide to a headshot session. In the fast-paced business world of Sacramento, CA, first impressions matter more than ever. Your headshot is often the initial encounter a potential client or employer has with you, making it a crucial element of your professional image. As a photographer dedicated to helping you make […]


Dec 26

A Guide to a Headshot Session | Headshots Sacramento CA

headshot photos

In a world saturated with the visual poetry of countless creatives, each frame vying for attention in the vast gallery of digital platforms, the pursuit of getting published as a photographer becomes both a thrilling challenge and a meticulous art. As a photographer, your lens captures not only images but also narratives, emotions, and slices […]


Oct 11

How To Get Published in a World Full of Creatives | Photography Education

Photography Education

As a dedicated Roseville family photographer, I’m here to share a heartfelt perspective on why photo albums hold a special place in the world of photography. They are not merely collections of images; they are living treasures that bridge generations, capture fleeting moments, and transcend the digital age. Creating Heirlooms for Generations with a Roseville […]


Sep 5

Preserving Memories: The Timeless Legacy of Photo Albums | Roseville Family Photographer

A Photographer’s Guide to Staying Inspired During Busy Seasons, photography education. As we find ourselves immersed in the whirlwind of the busy season, it’s easy to feel like creativity is taking a backseat to the never-ending stream of shoots, edits, and client interactions. But fear not—photography education has taught us that there are ways to […]


Aug 31

Nurturing Creativity Amidst the Chaos | Photography Education

Photography education

It’s LAUNCH DAY for COLEHEARTED COLLECTIVE! Wohoooo!!! A photography education resource page for all of you amazing photogs out there! Whether you’ve been in business a couple months or a couple years, there is something here for you!! So take a look around HERE and follow us on Instagram @coleheartedcollective Today we will be giving […]

Education, Uncategorized

Aug 10

Colehearted Collective Launch Day | Photography Education

Come join Colehearted Collective SEPTEMBER 30th 2023 in beautiful Lake Tahoe for an epic shootout opportunity! Stunning location, beautifully styled model, posing prompts, settings and lighting overview, with an opportunity to see me edit! For just $347! This is a chance to push yourself to your creative limits, learn and grow with new techniques, and […]


Aug 10


Tahoe senior photos

Hey Y’all! It’s launch week for Colehearted Collective! I’m so excited I could just burst!! Having been in the photography industry for over a decade, I’ve reached a point in my career where I’d like to share my expertise with all of you! My passion is to create a community you can come to to […]


Aug 7

Launch Week for Colehearted Collective | Photography Education

Welcome to the vibrant world of Sacramento farmers markets, where the city’s culinary delights and community spirit collide in a delightful fiesta of flavors! If you’re ready to embark on a fun-filled exploration of the best farmers markets in Sacramento, prepare to be amazed. From farm-fresh produce to local crafts and irresistible treats, these markets […]


Jul 12

Unveiling the Flavorful Fiesta: Sacramento Farmers Market Extravaganza!

Sacramento farmers market

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