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Hey Gorgeous

I’m Alisha Cole

the creative force behind Colehearted Photography

I’m a 5 foot blondie who loves shopping, sunsets, my 4 boys and your personal HYPE GIRL!

I am a nationally featured and published photographer - which for you translates into tons of custom experiences you can't find anywhere else!


We will plan the PERFECT session just for you!

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When it comes to details, session prep, stunning photos and just a fricken fun time...

I've got you!

Dreaming of dancing in a sun-kissed field at sunset? Count me in!
Craving that downtown urban vibe? Guess who's got you covered?

I care about making your photos fun, beautiful and 100%, authentically you!

With a decade of experience under my belt and a jaw-dropping 2000+ sessions captured, I'm the photographer for you! YOU BELONG HERE!

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